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Cross platform is ready!

Cross platform can make your content is accessible on whatever iOS or Android tablet or smart phone your audience chooses to view it on. Just download our dBOOK app from Apple or Google App Store.

Monetize your digital content with a click of a mouse

Our software "dBOOK" as a solution enables publishers, corporations, schools and any content owners to expand awareness of their digital content on the Internet, increase ROI (Return On Invested Capital), and reduce time-to-market. Since everything is hosted on our servers you don't need infrastructure or techinical know-how to run, setup, and maintain digital publishing services.

Authoring Tools

Our tools are user friendly. You can add video, audio, and flash animations without any technical or programming skills. We also allow flexible content editing, if there are several publishers editing a single content, dBOOK allows other publishers to edit it without any software installations, all you need is internet acceess; just open the dBOOK and edit.

Dbook Major Features

Solution Overview

Auto Play - Allows content to be played on autoplay, beneficial for advertising or slide presentations.
Image and Text Clipping - Supports image clipping, where images can be cut out of the content and stored. Also supports text clipping where text can be cut and stored.
Embed HTML & Download - You can embed your content into your webpages. You can also allow downloading of your content.
Instant Flash Animations - Flash animations can be added in minutes, using our content manager, with the visual editor and tools, you can add blinking, waving animations.
Page Flipping - Interactive, page flipping viewer. Gives the feeling of page turning of a physical media.
Search Functionality - Detailed search function, give your readers ability to search through your content as a PDF.
Add Audio, Video, Flash - You can add audio files, video files, or even flash swf files to your rich media content. You can also convert other video files to swf.
2x to 3x Zoom - Remarkable 2x to 3x zoom with extremely high resolution without sacrifice to speed. No more low resolution zoom where its unreadable.
Highlighting Pen Tool - Highlight content that is important for readers, write comments, or underline words.
26 Slide Animations - There 26 different slide animations for slide shows, ranges from Fly, zoom, fade in, and so much more.
Multi-lingual Support - dBOOK supports multiple languages, so any PDF document can contain languages other than english and still be fully functioning.
Bookmark, Share, Email - You can bookmark, share on social networks, or email out your content.
Password Protection - You can set up a password for your readers to open the DBOOK.

Few of our satisfied customers

Here are just a few of the projects that we have created. We love helping companies showcase their products and services.

E-Learning Consulting

WEPBULISHED is working closely with you to define your goals and needs, determine the necessary strategies and solutions to get you there, and deploy what is needed in a structured manner. Our team can develop in a wide range of e-learning styles and genres, from rapid e-learning to very sophisticated system simulations. We can build you compelling courses bringing together your e-learning materials. Working with you and using our Instruction Design approach we can produce effective engaging e-learning at competitive prices.